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DMC companies are strategically focused in niche sectors of the world global economy. We deliver industry-leading technical solutions backed by the most advanced engineered systems and processes, and propelled by the ingenuity of our people.

The DMC family is united by our common values, which define our reputation and guide our success. Collectively, we are specialists and the forerunners in our fields; we embrace a culture of critical and creative thinking which enables the highest levels of problem solving.

DMC鈥檚 people share a passion for the processes that drive efficiency, dependability and ultimate value for our clients. Our collective belief is that market demands can be efficiently met through empowerment and decisions made at the local level. As a growth-driven enterprise, we are motivated to develop new opportunities in our industries and expand the DMC family.

the dmc family


explosive welding

NobelClad is the world鈥檚 expert in the highly specialized field of explosion welding and the largest manufacturer of explosion welded clad products. The company offers unparalleled expertise and design ingenuity in the creation of custom clad solutions for major industrial and infrastructure projects.

NobelClad continues to be the leading-edge provider of advanced clad materials through technical innovation, creative problem solving and client collaboration from defining specifications to executing custom clad solutions.
Continued innovation, creative problem-solving and client collaboration make NobelClad the leading provider of advanced clad materials. 


perforating systems & components

DynaEnergetics is the leading developer of advanced perforating systems and components that are utilized worldwide by oil & gas service and E&P companies. The company designs and manufactures the most robust and reliable well-completion systems through a combination of applied technical proficiency, inventiveness and extensive product testing.

All products and systems are designed to optimize well productivity and are engineered for the utmost in safety, durability and performance in the harshest operating conditions.

All perforating products and services are engineered to enhance user and well site safety, increase productivity and lower overall operating costs. 
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