our story

DMC Global Inc. is a diversified technology company. We are focused on growing our company by  investing in people, products and businesses that serve niche global markets. Today, our portfolio consists of NobelClad and DynaEnergetics, which address the industrial processing, transportation and energy markets through global manufacturing, sales and distribution networks.

Our culture

DMC empowers its people and organizations by institutionalizing entrepreneurship and celebrating technical ingenuity. Our growth is fueled by energized, relevant and nimbly executed solutions that make a real difference to our customers. DMC鈥檚 responsive organizations are focused on serving the world鈥檚 growth markets, giving investors high returns throughout varying economic cycles.
we are leaders

Our people are responsive and dependable leaders who offer global market knowledge and intimate, localized service. That's why companies put their trust in us when the stakes are high.

our core values



We stand by our word and own our decisions. We are fair in how we treat customers, peers, partners and the communities we work in. We treat our company like it’s our own.



We are entrepreneurs, with the courage to act when we see something that needs doing. We believe in pursuing the right path forward, even if it鈥檚 the most dif铿乧ult one.



We believe being a part of one team, one community. We count on each other to do our part. We stand by one another when things are tough, learning from our failures and celebrating together when we get the job done.



We believe that inspiration can come from anywhere and remain open to new ideas. We are proud of our work and how it helps our customers, but are never boastful.

The DMC Global family of companies is committed to expansion through organic growth and well-planned investments that ensure financial stability and enable further innovation in our fields. Our goal is to continually develop the DMC Global portfolio of unique technical solutions while exploring new opportunities for progress and geographic expansion. This strategic approach, and all management decisions, are designed to maximize shareholder value.
Our three performance tenets
  1. Maximize free cash flow through financial discipline.
  2. Maximize return on invested capital by achieving operational excellence and making discerning investment decisions. 
  3. Invest in new technology, product and market development to drive sustained growth and increased profitability.

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